Thursday, April 2, 2009

GaGa over Lady GaGa?

I have a friend that fuckin loves this woman. He told me that she is so talented and backed that statement up by saying that she is one of the few stars who had "2 songs go straight to number one".

I don't deny that this woman is talented, but her singles reaching number one isn't just based on her talent. Culture was ready to embrace the techno fuck style of music, she was producing. Without culture craving her style, she would have no hope of having a number one song.

I think it's important to realize that culture in general has an effect on EVERYTHING! We can't ignore it, we need to adapt and embrace it in order to be successful in anything.

MTV, please stop sucking!

So, MTV's ratings have been declining. I must say I am not surprised.

I agree that it was smart to adapt and create a new image away from music videos, since the need for constant videos on TV has lessened due to On Demand, Launch and Youtube. However, the network that had once prided itself on being the young voice of America, is loosing that nitch. Networks like "The N" and "Teen Nick", which are ironically also under the Viacom umbrella, create a more compelling world for young Americans to enjoy.

MTV has become so obsessed with being current and new that its constant updates and changing schedules has made the programs that may be well received, fall to the shadows...

I don't deny that MTV has potential to come back, but I think they need to go back to their "rebel" roots and shock people. Maybe go dry for a while and then come back with a vengeance.