Thursday, April 2, 2009

GaGa over Lady GaGa?

I have a friend that fuckin loves this woman. He told me that she is so talented and backed that statement up by saying that she is one of the few stars who had "2 songs go straight to number one".

I don't deny that this woman is talented, but her singles reaching number one isn't just based on her talent. Culture was ready to embrace the techno fuck style of music, she was producing. Without culture craving her style, she would have no hope of having a number one song.

I think it's important to realize that culture in general has an effect on EVERYTHING! We can't ignore it, we need to adapt and embrace it in order to be successful in anything.

MTV, please stop sucking!

So, MTV's ratings have been declining. I must say I am not surprised.

I agree that it was smart to adapt and create a new image away from music videos, since the need for constant videos on TV has lessened due to On Demand, Launch and Youtube. However, the network that had once prided itself on being the young voice of America, is loosing that nitch. Networks like "The N" and "Teen Nick", which are ironically also under the Viacom umbrella, create a more compelling world for young Americans to enjoy.

MTV has become so obsessed with being current and new that its constant updates and changing schedules has made the programs that may be well received, fall to the shadows...

I don't deny that MTV has potential to come back, but I think they need to go back to their "rebel" roots and shock people. Maybe go dry for a while and then come back with a vengeance.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Target vs. Walmart

This is a no brainier... Who doesn't prefer Target over Walmart?

I was watching TV the other day, and Walmart's and Target's commercials were nearly back to back. I found it interesting that both commercials are executing a similar message, "you can still have an awesome life while saving money."

However, Walmart's commercials blatantly come out and say that, where as Target showcases examples and allows consumers to make their own decisions.

I think Target's ads are much better. Allowing people to make up their own minds and be invloved in the process is always a nice idea.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Strarbucks?

Remember when Starbucks was cool? I do. I remember when that was the "Weekend spot". When it was referred to as the "New" singles bar...

I feel Starbucks major branding problem is due to it's loss of exclusivity. There was a time when carrying a Starbucks cup was a status symbol... No surprise that this feeling was lost considering, among many other things, that Starbucks went into grocery stores. Going into grocery stores!? What a BAD idea!

People are loosing faith in the company, claiming its becoming too much like McDonald's.
To make things worse, Starbucks recently begun a value meal system... Not the best way to destroy the McDonald's association...

I feel that if the company would have created a sub brand for the grocery store expansion or grew a little smarter, they may be in better shape...

This isn't over... I will think more and bring up more discussion points soon.

Poor Tropicana!

The Tropicana issues have been "the talk" lately, so I thought I should open the issues for discussion...

Consumers hate it and I'm not surprised.

If you think about it, the new packaging makes visual scene. It looks clean, fresh and pure... three concepts that an OJ company wants to be associated with.

However, I don't think it was considered how much of a staple in culture Tropicana already was. Consumers already liked the packaging. This is the perfect example of changing something without considering culture first.

If I were assigned to change Tropicana's Corporate ID, the first thing I would do is go to a random coffee shop, sit down with a glass of OJ, and find out what random people think.

This all leads me to ask... Why change what's good? Stop fucking with what works!

Fossil this

I was at the Fossil store the other day looking at all the watches... I began asking the store Clerk how the company was doing with the recent economy and she said they were still "goin strong".

This, or course, was a bit surprising considering the decline of watches in general. It then occurred to me that the secret to being a successful watch company is to adapt and position watches as 'awesome' accessories and not as time pieces.

Maybe Rolex, with it's expected decline in 2010, could take a lesson from fossil.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I was talking to a group of people the other day. Some in the Ad world, some not. At one point an individual not in the ad world made a comment about an ad, and an individual in the ad world responded by stating "What would you know, you're just a consumer."


Consumers responses dictate our industry jackass!