Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Strarbucks?

Remember when Starbucks was cool? I do. I remember when that was the "Weekend spot". When it was referred to as the "New" singles bar...

I feel Starbucks major branding problem is due to it's loss of exclusivity. There was a time when carrying a Starbucks cup was a status symbol... No surprise that this feeling was lost considering, among many other things, that Starbucks went into grocery stores. Going into grocery stores!? What a BAD idea!

People are loosing faith in the company, claiming its becoming too much like McDonald's.
To make things worse, Starbucks recently begun a value meal system... Not the best way to destroy the McDonald's association...

I feel that if the company would have created a sub brand for the grocery store expansion or grew a little smarter, they may be in better shape...

This isn't over... I will think more and bring up more discussion points soon.

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