Sunday, February 15, 2009

A very basic ad.

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for partaking in this delicious first post of Raisin Brand.

Very recently I took a trip to NYC to attend a job fair and discuss a freelance project I had been working on. While on the subway I encountered this delectable piece of work

I love this! This is a very basic form of advertisement that uses universally understood symbols to communicate a very important message. Who wouldn't see this and not know what not to do? (besides the crazy's!)

I love that this type of ad can breech various cultural and language barriers...

I see so many ads that attempt to reach a diverse audience, but don't conciser how other cultures will react to the story or massage they are expressing.

Maybe they should have taken a lesson from this subway ad. When all else fails... keep it basic :).

by the by, the "Please" is in helvetica.. :)

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