Sunday, February 22, 2009

Compost Modern = Awesome

This past weekend I volunteered at an AIGA sponsored event entitled Compost Modern. Believe me when I say that it was so beyond amazing. The event explored ways to make design, branding and adverting more environmentally friendly.

From a planning perspective, it was amazing to see all of the strategic work involved in advertising green. There is SOOOO much to discuss involving this event, so I will be making a bunch of posts pertaining to it in the following week.

One of my favorite things that I had the pleasure of hearing was a revamped definition for Sustainability, and I almost directly quote... "What you do now, that won't fu*k up stuff later." This is something that EVERYONE in the advertising field should apply to their work. Imagine how much better campaigns and branding would be if a bit more of a futuristic approach was taken.

If you are curious on exploring the lectures and workshops from this event yourself, take a gander at the event website, It's full of goodies from this past weekend.

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