Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What were they thinking?

Hello Everyone!

Today is Identity gone bad Tuesday, where I will point out and rant about awful Corporate ID in all its glory.

This is the "Red Mango" In NYC... What I hate about this logo is that is makes absolutely no scene. Logos should visually express the ambiance and feeling of what they are representing.

The restaurant itself attempts to be healthy, relaxing, yet still fast-foodish. I ask you, what is fast, healthy or easy looking about this logo? It looks fat ass, not fast, fat and lazy, not healthy, and fails to create a lasting impression.
This logo honestly pisses me off! WTF. The best way to advertise a business, is though its branding. If a business can't sucessfully express who they, how can advertising? This branding is advertising shit.

Overall, its the best example of creating a logo that "looks good", and I use that term loosly, but fails to be conceptual, expressive or functional.

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