Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Compost Modern = Awesome Post 3

Why change what works?

Hello All! Anther good point brought up at a compost modern lecture that needs its own space.

How often have you seen this happen? Something works just fine, but its changed. This happens consistently in everyday situations. I've noticed this happening especially while working in past part time jobs. More often than not something that works really well is changed, to help change something else that doesn't work well... WHY? It seems very illogical to me.
We should value what we currently have. Fix whats broken, not what works.

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  1. I saw this at Compostmodern and it grabbed me more than nearly everything I took in that day.

    It is about sweating the small stuff in the end. It's the above-it-all CEO types that don't sweat the small stuff.