Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is this Ad gone wrong possibly right?

Brook Shields + VW = Bad? Why?

I've talked to SO many people about this Campaign, and all except one hate it. But why?

I thought this was an interesting way of reversing the stigma on the "mini van". The Mini-van is always the car that's made fun of. Being called the Soccer Mom/house wife car... who whats to drive something like that? This campaign took back that negative connotation by creating a story where people were going to extreme lengths to have an excuse to buy this car.

I thought it was a fun way to take back the stigma, and it could have worked but I don't think that the culture of the US was ready for something like this.

I think that Brook Shields took too much attention away from the story/concept of the ad. Kind of like what Katie Holmes drama with Tom Cruise did to the Batman movie. With someone else fore fronting the ads, this may have been a successful campaign.

Referring to the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing, maybe reading and learning from the tabloids every once in a while may not be a bad idea. :)

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