Sunday, March 1, 2009

Compost Modern = Awesome Post 2

"Why branding? There is so much of it out there, why do we need more?"

This was a very interesting point one of the speakers brought up at compost modern. He was referencing the worlds need to communicate who they are, through ones self image and through branding.

Excuse me if I get a bit "philosophical" here, but I think there is an innate desire for people (and companies) to brand themselves. To create an overall image, impression, feeling that will be intercepted and interpreted by others... Pretty deap, huh :).

Above all, the most important thing this speaker said involving branding is that "if you don't make something meaningful or compelling, someone else will."

This helps remind me that no branding or adverting strategy assighment is boring. As long as I focus on making this thing (dull or cool) compelling and meaningful, how could I be bored?

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