Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Compost Modern = Awesome Post 4

A few last lecture tidbits

1. "We have too much stuff around that we don't want, but are stuck with..."

I don't agree with this.
As a planner/strategist I feel that we can use take almost anything, and somehow use it to our advantage. It's our job to take useless "stuck with" stuff, and create something desirable with it. Anything is undesirable, until we have a use for it.

I think liquor is a good example. Unless I have a use for it, for a party, it's useless and I'm stuck with it. Maybe this is why smart phones are becoming SO popular... It sucks having to carry something around ALL day for one purpose... Creating many uses makes it a bit more desirable.

On the other hand, I have a lot of friends who HATE the iPhone because it is so multi faceted. They want a phone to call, and that's it. It would be interesting to market the anti smart phone...
These is potential to isolate 2 completely different markets for a similar device.

2. Replacement is happening... Get on the wave!

How true is this? If we ignore this fact, we have no way of being successful. A good example is watches becoming obsolete... Now that everyone has a cell phone, it is so rare to see someone wearing a watch. Another example is paper. More and more offices are going paperless because it gives props to the environment and it is WAY cheaper.

As advertisers, if we don't realise these replacements and how they can effect ads, what chance do we have of surviving?

3. Localization is the wave of the future!

It's true! People are getting serviced more locally. Not only is it cheaper, but it helps build yourself through building your community...

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